How long does mediation take?

Sessions usually last around 90 minutes each. It often takes around 5-7 sessions to resolve things so, with weekly sessions, you could be done within 1-2 months or less. If there are financial issues to be dealt with, it’s likely that I’ll ask you to track down information and paperwork outside the sessions, which can make things a little slower. The process can be tailored to suit you both, so if you’d like shorter or longer sessions, that’s entirely possible.

Will I come out of mediation with a document I can take to court to be signed?

I will set out the outcome of your mediation in what’s called an Outcome Statement or Parenting Plan. The Outcome Statement follows closely the format of a court order so it shouldn’t take too long for it to be converted into an Order to be approved by the court. It’s a good idea to have a solicitor review the terms before it’s put to the court. If it’s a Parenting Plan then that can be attached to any court order made regarding child arrangements.

Do we have to be in the same room?

Most of my mediations take place with both clients in the same room with me. Having said that, I also offer shuttle mediation so my clients are in separate rooms and I move back and forth between the two to try to broker a deal. This approach can be a really good one where relations are particularly difficult and emotions too high to be in the same room.

Can a mediator provide legal advice?

No, a mediator can provide legal information but can’t provide personal advice to either client.

Do you provide couples’ therapy?

No, I provide counselling to adult individuals. I can, however, recommend some excellent couples’ therapists.